Retreats and Days of Reflection

The Lord invites us to “Come away and rest awhile” with him.  In the demanding life of ministry, it is essential that we take the time to leave our present surroundings and go to a place of quiet, prayer and serenity.  The campus of the University provides for all those essential elements for retreat.  Guests stay in our Conference Center facilities on the south end of the University campus.  There are 3.5 miles of road that take you around St. Mary Lake which is forested and populated with beautiful wildlife.


Our Sleeping Room Amenities:

      • Most of our 104 sleeping rooms have two beds of your choice: two twin size or one full size and one twin size
      • Private bathroom in every sleeping room
      • Wireless internet access
      • Laundry machines
      • Complimentary: Coffee, tea, soda, water, refrigerator, newspapers & TV available in the Living Room anytime