Scheduled Retreats

The Lord invites us to “Come away and rest awhile” with him.

The Institute for Pastoral Leadership has three planned retreats for 2020


July 31-Aug 2, 2020
Women at the Lake with Christ

This retreat will focus on passages from Scripture where Jesus is either walking or teaching by the Sea of Galilee.  Using various forms of Scripture reflection, activities and sharing, we will reflect on who Jesus is in our lives and how His words and actions offer us wisdom, insight and encouragement today.

The retreat will be presented by a team of women who have served as spiritual companions for Christ Renews His Parish, attended the Lay Leadership Program at USML and/or graduated from the Chicago Scripture School.  The team is led by two trained spiritual directors.

The retreat team: Kathy Andrews, Sharon Lentino, Rita MacAyeal, Mary Pelc, Catherine Sims and Barb Walters

WHERE:  Joseph and Mary Retreat House, 1300 Stritch Dr., Mundelein (on the USML campus)
COST:  $250 for those staying at the retreat house; $150 for commuters – covers your meals, presenters fees as supplies


Retreatants can arrive Friday between 4-6 pm with dinner at 6pm.  The retreat will conclude on Sunday at 12:30 pm.  Mass will be included.   The cost of the retreat will include 5 meals and snacks, a comfortable private room with private bath, the meeting room as well as a modest stipend for the presenters.

For more information contact Dr. Catherine Sims, 847-837-4552 or csims@usml.edu.

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AUGUST 8, 2020:  Family Retreat for parents and children

AUGUST 8, 2020: Young Adult Retreat

OCTOBER 17, 2020: Men’s Retreat with Deacon Mark Duffey
“Workin’ for the D.O.T. – Discipleship Opportunity Team”
8:30-9:00 AM Sign-in
9:00 AM – 3:00 PM Retreat

Using the Gospel of Matthew as a roadmap, this day-long retreat will help us as men to better engage in our calling to be Jesus’ missionary disciples.  Through Sripture, stories, interactive discussion, and personal reflection, we will explore the Holy Spirit’s invitation which is both universal and personally unique.  We will follow a construction project blueprint for our day of work together.  And to help enliven the theme of men “workin’ for the D.O.T.”, please wear your favorite workikng clothes (jeans, overalls, flannel shirt, reflective vest, etc. – even appropriate headgear!)

Deacon Mark Duffey Bio
Leading people to a deeper encounter with Jesus through retreat ministry has been one of God’s primary callings for Mark for over 3 decades. With enthusiastic story-telling, creative methods, and strong Bible content, his work has included parish missions, Deacons & wives weekend retreats, days of reflection, and many adult/youth formation experiences. Mark has served the Archdiocese of Chicago as a Deacon for 20+ years in 2 parishes in the NW suburbs, as well as in roles with the Office for Evangelization & Missionary Discipleship and the Renew My Church initiative. He has been involved for 30+ years with parishes in 3 different Dioceses in a wide array of ministry including peace & social justice; evangelization, discipleship, and faith formation; and liturgy. Mark and his wife of 40+ years, Ann, have raised 5 grown children. His business career has included leadership positions in consumer/ market research, marketing, team management, business development, and consulting.

JANUARY 9, 2021: Beginning Anew with Christ for men and women with Rev. John Kartje, Rector of Mundelein Seminary and Assistant Professor in the Department of Biblical Studies and Homiletics

Father John Kartje Ph.D. (Astrophysics), University of Chicago; M.Div, S.T.B., University of St. Mary of the Lake; S.T.L, S.T.D. (Biblical Theology), Catholic University of America. Ordained a priest of the Archdiocese of Chicago in 2002. Former Associate Pastor, St. Benedict, Chicago, IL. Former Chaplain and Director, Sheil Catholic Center, Northwestern University. Author of Wisdom Epistemology in the Psalter: A Study of Psalms 1, 73, 90, and 107 (De Gruyter, 2014). Member: Catholic Biblical Association, contributor to Chicago Studies.

MARCH 6, 2021: Lenten Retreat with Deacon Mark Duffey
“Taken, Blessed, Broken & Given – A Personal Path of Conversion for Lent”
8:30-9:00 AM Sign-in
9:00 AM – 3:00 PM Retreat

As we journey through Lent 2021, this day of retreat will lead us to a personal understanding of the meaning of these words and commitment to their application in our individual lives – in a traditional sense but also with a unique perspective.  Supplementing Biblical text with real-life stories, shared discussion, and individual contemplation, we will listen with the ears of our hearts for the Lord’s continued opportunity for both conversion within ourselves and service to others.

July 31-Aug 1, 2021: Summer Retreat for women