IPL Alumni Profiles


Each month, we will highlight one of our graduates and the Ministry in which he or she serves.  We hope you will find inspiration and information about ministry, discipleship, and formation for ministry through the witness of these men and women.

Meet Jennifer Reid
Lay Ecclesial Ministry 2020

I am currently the Pastoral Associate of St. Columbanus Church (soon to be called St. Moses the Black Parish when St. Columbanus merges with St. Clotilde and St. Dorothy effective July 1, 2021).  In collaboration with the Pastor, together we guide the overall pastoral ministry of the parish including liturgies and fostering the faith life of the parish community.

Although I was already working in my current role while I was enrolled in LEM, I believe that the program helped because of the topics that were covered each month.  They helped me to understand how big the Catholic Church is and that it goes way beyond the four walls at St. Columbanus.  It helped me to grow in my faith to see and interact with all of the other faith-filled participants, staff and teachers/speakers.

I’d be willing to assist other parishes in any way needed.  Please contact the Institute for Pastoral Leadership (847-837-4550) should you wish to reach out to me.  Click the link for more information on Lay Ecclesial Ministry .  

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