Financial Information

Financial Information:

Doctor of Ministry Costs:

$20,000.00 for 3 online courses and 6 one-week intensives including  tuition, room and board paid over two year or $10,000.00 per year.  Payment plans can be arranged through the USML business office.

  • All Students DMin
    • Full payment due before start of Summer courses
    • DMin students may request payment plan by April 2nd of program year or within 10 days of billing date.
  • Payment plan consists of 5 payments, June through December:
    • 20 % of bill/invoice is due by June 15
    • 40 % of bill/invoice is due by August 15
    • 60 % of bill/invoice is due by September 15
    • 80 % of bill/invoice is due by November 15
    • 100% (final) due no later than December 15 of program year

Payment Forms Accepted:

  • Credit Card online (subject to convenience fee)
  • E-check online
  • Outside Scholarship Funds (third party check)
  • Cash
  • Check

Charges upon withdrawal from program:

  • DMin students who withdraw from the year-long DMin program will be assessed charges on the following scale:
    • One month before the first residency 15%
    • Prior to July 31st after the residencies 30%
    • Prior to August 31st, but after July 31st 50%
    • Prior to December 31st but after August 31st 75%
    • After December 31st  100%