In 1965 Pope Pius VI promulgated the Decree on Priestly Training, Optatam Totius. Within the text, the Council Fathers emphasize that “in order that they may illumine the mysteries of salvation as completely as possible, [seminarians] should learn to penetrate them more deeply…and to perceive their interconnections” (16). With this exhortation in mind, we would like to present to you Interconnections: Journal of Catholic Seminary Studies.

Interconnections is an online, student-edited journal based at Mundelein Seminary. By providing a common forum for Catholic seminarians in various formation programs, the journal encourages a dynamic exchange of insights on common areas of study in Catholic theology and other studies allied with priestly formation. May it help lead seminarians more deeply into the mysteries of salvation.

Editorial Process:

While seminarians from different formation programs are welcome to submit content to Interconnections, the editorial process is a project of the seminarians of Mundelein Seminary. Interconnections is a peer-reviewed academic journal, following a semi-blind review process. The Editor oversees everything from submission to publication. The Associate Editors are charged with conducting a blind review of all submissions and providing recommendations to the Editor regarding content to be published. In consultation with those recommendations, the Editor makes a final decision regarding selections to be published. After the selection process has been completed, the editors, in coordination with the author, help revise papers when it might be necessary. The Faculty Advisor conducts an additional review of the selected papers before the journal is published.

Send your submissions electronically to interconnections [at] usml.edu

Submission Guidelines

Contributors: Any Catholic seminarian pursuing the priesthood in a recognized formation program at the time of the submission deadline is welcome to submit content.

Restrictions: Papers that have been previously published in another publication cannot be accepted. Submissions must be the author’s original work.

Document Format: Please submit your work electronically in Word or .ODT format

When submitting an academic paper, please consider the following guidelines:

Acceptable Content: Papers that address topics in Catholic theology, Scripture studies, philosophy, Church history, pastoral practice, and the humanities are within the range of consideration.  Responses to previously published papers are encouraged.

Selection Criteria: The editors will select papers based on accuracy of content, clarity of thought, and originality of insight.

Audience: Authors should employ an academic tone and assume an educated audience. Papers written for courses are acceptable, as long as they do not require of the reader special knowledge not explained within the body of the paper.

Length: Submissions should be between 2,500 and 6,000 words in length.

Citations: Citations should be formatted in conformity with the Chicago Manual of Style (for the humanities). Please cite all quotations and paraphrasing clearly.