Institution of Acolytes Celebrated for 33 Seminarians

Posted on January 21, 2020

Our community was blessed to celebrate the Institution of Acolytes for 33 of our seminarians on Monday, January 21. The seminarians are appointed to the ministry of acolyte as an important step on their journey to receiving the sacrament of Holy Orders. We are grateful to Most Reverend Bernard E. Shlesinger III, Auxiliary Bishop, Archdiocese of Atlanta, for celebrating the Acolyte Mass.

The acolyte attends to the service of the altar, assisting the deacon and the priest during liturgical celebrations, especially in preparing the altar for the Eucharist at Mass. The role of the acolyte is similar to the duties carried out by an altar server and an extraordinary minister of Holy Communion, however, as installed acolytes, they now assist at the altar at which they will one day preside. In addition, an acolyte is entrusted with the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament for adoration, but an acolyte may not offer Benediction.

The reception of this ministry highlights the seminarians’ own devotion to the Paschal Mystery and the Eucharistic sacrifice. The 33 seminarians will now begin serving as acolytes during community liturgies.

Please keep our new Acolytes in your prayers.
God of Mercy, through your only Son, you entrusted the bread of life to your Church.  Bless our brothers who have been chosen for the ministry of acolyte.  Grant that they may be faithful in the service of your altar and in giving to others the Bread of Life; may they grow always in faith and love, and so build up your Church.  Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Each candidate approaches the Bishop, who gives him the paten with bread to be consecrated saying:
Take this vessel with bread for the celebration of the Eucharist. Make your life worthy of your service at the table of the Lord and of His Church. 

Candidates for the Ministry of Acolyte

Elliott Alonzo Andrade, Atlant, GA

Cameron John Costello, Davenport, IA

Dylan Stuart Crawley, Lubbock, TX

Isaac Valentine Doucette, Davenport, IA

Christopher Thomas Epplett, Grand Rapids, MI

Jeffrey Isaac Frieden, Dubuque, IA

Matthew John Gembrowski, Saginaw, MI

Jesus Francisco Gomez, Tucson, AZ

Kevin Michael Gregus, Chicago, IL

Jared James Kleinwaechter, Atlanta, GA

Daniel Joseph Korenchan, Chicago, IL

Thomas Andrew Leah, Chicago, IL

Jeremy Michael Leganski, Joliet, IL

Andrew Michael LeGreve, Green Bay, WI

Alexander Thomas Lorang, Joliet, IL

Michael Charles Mehringer, Chicago, IL

Joshua Gregory Miller, Fairbanks, AK

Joshua Robert Moore, Rockford, IL

Duoc Hoang Nguyen, Davenport, IA

Connor Richard Orabutt, Rockford, IL

Francisco Javier Pagan Portalati, Chicago, IL

Colin Flynn Patrick, Atlanta, GA

Marko Pranic, Albany, NY

Frank Joseph Pusateri, Joliet, IL

Jesus Raya Custodio, Chicago, IL

Francisco Hector Rios, Las Cruces, NM

Jared Edward Rutnicki, Joliet, IL

Joseph Anthony T. Sales, Las Vegas, NV

Jacob Richard Sevigny, Yakima, WA

Joseph Ryan Solomon, Joliet, IL

Alan Soto Hopkins, Tucson, AZ

Jacob Michael Zemaitis, Grand Rapids, MI

Nick Vincent Zummo, Springfield-Cape Girardeau, MO

Acolito (Acolyte), video made by seminarian Jesus Raya Custodio (Archdiocese of Chicago)