Institution of Acolytes Celebrated for 66 Seminarians

Posted on October 30, 2018

Our community was blessed to celebrate the Institution of Acolytes for 66 of our seminarians on Monday, October 29. The seminarians are appointed to the ministry of acolyte as an important step on their journey to receiving the sacrament of Holy Orders. We are grateful to Most Rev. Edward B. Scharfenberger, bishop of Albany, for celebrating the Acolyte Mass.

The acolyte attends to the service of the altar, assisting the deacon and the priest during liturgical celebrations, especially in preparing the altar for the Eucharist at Mass. The role of the acolyte is similar to the duties carried out by an altar server and an extraordinary minister of Holy Communion, however, as installed acolytes, they now assist at the altar at which they will one day preside.

The reception of this ministry highlights the seminarians’ own devotion to the Paschal Mystery and the Eucharistic sacrifice. The 66 seminarians will now begin serving as acolytes during community liturgies.

Please keep our new Acolytes in your prayers.
God of Mercy, through your only Son, you entrusted the bread of life to your Church.  Bless our brothers who have been chosen for the ministry of acolyte.  Grant that they may be faithful in the service of your altar and in giving to others the Bread of Life; may they grow always in faith and love, and so build up your Church.  Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Gregory Lawrence Alberts, Joliet, IL

Christopher Carl Aust, Joliet, IL

Michael A. Barbarossa, Seattle, WA

Manuel Rafael Barrios, San Jose, CA

Ryan Patrick Brady, Chicago, IL

Bro. Joseph Edward Brom, Chicago, IL

Jose Antonio Camacho, Chicago, IL

Angelbert Chijoke Chikere, San Jose, CA

Sam Conforti, Joliet, IL

Martin Patrick Coolidge, Dubuque, IA

Julian Eduardo Cortes, Chicago, IL

John Patrick DePalma, Seattle, WA

David Charles Diesem, Joliet, IL

Mitchell Edward Dietrich, Grand Rapids, MI

Jacob Aloysius Dunne, Dubuque, IA

Robert August Ernest, Joliet, IL

Mauricio Espino, Las Vegas, NV

Casey Joseph Flack, Dubuque, IA

Jose de Jesus Flores, Chicago, IL

Bro. Nathan Patrick Ford, Chicago, IL

Cristian Enrique Garcia Nuno, Chicago, IL

Luis Miguel Garcia, Joliet, IL

Brian William Geary, Joliet, IL

Evan Michael Glowzinski, Atlanta, GA

Zygmunt Thomas Gross, Green Bay, WI

Francis Kwabena Gyau, Las Cruces, NM

Jesse Earl Hiett, Springfield-Cape Girardeau, MO

Seth Gregory Hostetler, Cheyenne, WY

Matthew Ryan Howard, Atlanta, GA

David Adam Jameson, Grand Rapids, MI

Michael Jeffrey Kelly, Yakima, WA

Michael Elliot Klatt, Chicago, IL

Christopher Harold Landfried, Chicago, IL

Kyle Stephen Langan, Joliet, IL

Michael Anthony Lingaur, Gaylord, MI

Thomas Joseph Logue III, Joliet, IL

Lucio Lopez, Chicago, IL

Seth Ryan Lorenz, Lubbock, TX

Dennis Laserna Marcos, Tucson, AZ

Andrew William Matijevic, Chicago, IL

Christian Melendez-Cruz, Yakima, WA

Aaron Robert Minix, Joliet, IL

Colm Brian Mitchell, Chicago, IL

Matthew Nicholas Newland, Seattle, WA

Joseph Quoc-Tuan Nguyen, San Jose, CA

Matthew Ryan Ockinga, Yakima, WA

Ritchie Ortiz-Juarez, Chicago, IL

Bro. Andrew M. Panzer, Chicago, IL

Nathaniel James Resila, Albany, NY

Eric Benjamin Rewa, Grand Rapids, MI

Richard Rivera, Jr., Tucson, AZ

Robert Steven Ryan, Chicago, IL

David John Sacha, Grand Rapids, MI

Leonel Sepulveda, Chicago, IL

Brent James Smith, Joliet, IL

Christopher M. Stoker, Dubuque, IA

Angel Adan Tarango, Ceballos El Paso, TX

Noah Isaac Thelen, Grand Rapids, MI

Benjamin Robert Thomsen, Atlanta, GA

Kyle Thomas Tietz Dubuque, IA

Benjamin Paul Valentine, Dubuque, IA

Daniel Mauricio Villalobos, Chicago, IL

Juan Carlos Villota Viteri, Atlanta, GA

Joseph Edward Wagner, Atlanta, GA

Logan Charles Weber, Grand Rapids, MI

Eric Joseph Zenisek, Dubuque, IA