Installation of Acolytes

Posted on October 27, 2016

Thank you to The Most Reverend David Walkowiak, Bishop of Grand Rapids, for celebrating, and Most Reverend Michael Jackels, Archbishop of Dubuque, for concelebrating our Acolyte Mass on Wednesday, October 26th.

Thirty-nine men were installed as Acolytes during the seminary liturgy in the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception. We are grateful for the faith and dedication of the men who received this ministry. As Eucharistic Ministers they will be of valuable service to our seminary community as the reception of this ministry highlights their own relationship to the Paschal Mystery and the Eucharistic sacrifice.

We are also grateful to the vocation directors who were here for this ministry and celebration: Fr. Mariano Lopez (El Paso), Fr. Bart Paepen (Antwerpen), Fr. Brian Alford (Springfield), Fr. David Schatz (Dubuque), Fr. Kevin Huber (Gary), Fr. Ron Hutchinson (Grand Rapids) Msgr. Michael Mullen (Kansas City, KS), Fr. Eric Hill (Atlanta) and Fr. Bryan Dolejsi (Seattle).

Please keep our new Acolytes in your prayers. You can learn more about the role of acolytes at catholicacolyte.com.