Application Process

Application Process


There are two stages in the application process, Pre-Application and Inquiry and the Formal Application.



At the approval of the applicant’s pastor, the prospective applicant calls IDS requesting a Pre-application and Inquiry form, which will be mailed to the applicant for completion.  The Pre-application and inquiry form is an important document with information that is based on canonical and extra-canonical issues as well as other issues important to application that the Church and the local Ordinary (bishop) deem applicable.  The Director of Formation, upon receipt of the completed Pre-application and inquiry form, conducts a reviews it, and contacts the prospective applicant for clarification of issues (if any) raised in the form.  A successful inquirer is then encouraged to inform his pastor to contact the office,  requesting formal application forms.


Formal Application   

The formal application starts with a call from the applicant’s pastor to the IDS requesting the application package.  IDS  mails the application package to the applicant and wife (if applicable)  and also mails a recommendation form to the pastor.  Wives of the applicants must also include an informal consent form which is to be signed by their pastor the application package is mailed back to IDS.

IDS directors review the application materials and issue an acknowledgement letter.  The applicant and wife (if applicable) are then requested to participate in Marriage Inventory (Catholic Couple Checkup) as well as the Myers Briggs Personality inventories.  Web links to these inventories are provided to the couples.

When the results of these inventories are received, an interview is scheduled with an IDS director.  After the interview with staff IDS may issue a conditional acceptance  letter to the program.

To begin the process, speak to your pastor and please contact Deacon Bob Puhala, Director, bpuhala@usml.edu or (847) 837-4564.