In Gratitude from a Newly-Ordained Transitional Deacon

by on July 21, 2016

Deacon Jeffrey Moore is a Fourth Theology student at Mundelein. He was ordained for the Archdiocese of Seattle as a transitional deacon, and will be ordained as a priest in 2017. The following is the lighthearted letter he wrote as a thank you upon his diaconate ordination.

I would like to thank all those who have made me who I am today and prepared me for service to the People of God in the Archdiocese of Seattle.

Thank you to God Almighty, for calling me to the Catholic faith, for helping me keep and grow in that faith, and for designating me for ordained service to His people. Without you there is nothing. Without you I am nothing.

Thank you to my family, who somehow managed to keep me off the streets. Even though I can blame you for all my personality flaws and idiosyncrasies, you can also take credit for anything good or loveable others may find in me. I hope, for your sake, that the latter outweighs the former. Without you, without your loving support, without the many sacrifices you have made on my behalf, I would be nowhere.

Thank you to my “normal” friends, from childhood through college, some of whom have come in and out of my life, some of whom annoyingly stayed in, but all of whom have left their mark. You taught me about the world, sometimes to my detriment, and you taught me about companionship, comradery, and community, always to my benefit. Without you, I would be the boring, cold introvert I have always striven to be.

Thank you to my seminarian friends. The above applies to you as well, except that you also kept forcing inspiring me to do holy hours. Without you, I may never have developed a friendship with Jesus.

Thank you to all my “formators” over the years, from my earliest teachers to the seminary faculty to my Vocations Director and other supervising priests. You have ensured that no God-given gift has gone to waste. You have been excellent stewards of my meager offerings, and have never failed to articulate clearly those growth-points I would rather have left unexamined. Without you, I would be more of a blunt club than a sharpened sword.

Thank you to my many parish families and faith communities, from St. Bernadette forward, who have allowed me to live concretely in the Body of Christ. The clergy could never aspire to holiness without the examples of sacrifice and devotion lived out by the laity every day. Without you, I would have become complacent and without zeal.

For the clergy and lay ministers of the Archdiocese of Seattle: a pre-emptive thank you for gently and lovingly receiving this starry-eyed young hatchling into your ranks. Without your collaboration, Preaching the Gospel, the deepest desire of my heart, will be an ineffective enterprise.

To all those I may have forgotten here: you know what you did. (And thank you for it!)

Sincerely, as one who has received Christ’s love from your hands,










Deacon Jeffrey H. Moore, Archdiocese of Seattle