Alumni Profile – Father Randy Timmerman, Class of 1993

Posted on August 1, 2017

As Father Randy Timmerman grew up in the small town of Dickeyville, Wisconsin, he maintained a strong connection to the Catholic faith throughout his upbringing, participating in parish life on a daily basis and boarding at a nearby high school seminary during the weekdays.

His devotion led him to attend a college seminary in the Twin Cities for a little more than a year, but he didn’t feel the Call of the Lord intensely and soon transferred to the University of Wisconsin and received his bachelor’s degree in elementary education.

After graduating, Father Timmerman traveled to Europe, taught in England, and traveled alone with a backpack for four months, beginning to settle into the voice of the Lord, once again reawakening to the gift of His love. This daily reassuring presence led him to discern the call of seminary when he returned home. At Mundelein, Father Timmerman’s heart was finally at peace.

“I have tremendous gratitude for Mundelein,” says Father Timmerman. “For the brotherhood, the honesty, the friendship and the joy of going through the discernment process together, and sharing the faith and the reflections on why we were all there – to answer the Call of the Lord.”

Endowed with His Spirit, Mundelein Seminary acts out of love for the Catholic faith and a desire to ensure the readiness of its next generation of parish priests. With the support of our sending Bishops, faithful friends and parish communities, we can continue to serve as the “Heart of the Diocese” by providing formation for the future of the Priesthood.

Father Timmerman’s time at Mundelein shaped him into the priest he is today at his parish at St. Denis in Madison, Wisconsin, staying close to the Lord in prayer and letting the gift of the Eucharist draw him closer to His love. Father Timmerman continues to fall deeper in love with the Lord, His people, and their stories, celebrations and burdens.

“That is a means by which the Lord continues to prune and draw me closer to Him,” says Father Timmerman. “Despite situations of hardship, the call of the Lord will bring you tremendous peace and delight.”