A New Priest Faces Unspeakable Tragedy (Podcast)

Posted on January 10, 2020

Father Michael Lewis, a priest for the Diocese of El Paso newly ordained in 2019, put his pastoral skills to the test immediately in the most tragic of circumstances. Father Michael’s first assignment was to St. Pius X parish in El Paso, a little more than a mile from a Wal-Mart where a gunman killed 22 people on August 3, including two parishioners. With his pastor out of the country at the time, Father Michael was tasked with shepherding the community, ministering to the victims and their families, and shining the light of Christ into the darkness of their grief.

In this interview, Father Michael also discusses his circuitous route to the priesthood, his formation at Mundelein Seminary, the experience of the Catholic Church in the mission diocese of El Paso, and his current studies for a Licentiate of Sacred Theology degree. If you listen to the end, he shares his favorite homily joke, too.

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