Father Baima delivers Interfaith Thanksgiving Message

Posted on December 1, 2016

Fr. Thomas A. Baima, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, was the invited speaker for the Winnetka Interfaith Council’s annual Thanksgiving Observance, which was held at Saint Philip the Apostle Church in Northfield. Born during the civil rights movement in 1967, the Winnetka Interfaith Council is among the oldest parish-based interfaith organizations in Chicagoland. Father Baima delivered an address on the civic virtues needed for our country to move forward from the contentious election season. He proposed that neither the assimilation model nor multi-culturalism offer the way forward. Instead, we should look to the religions to remind us of the transcendent dimension of life and because they can provide a basis for a virtue ethic to support civil society. Father Baima’s address is available on the USML website at [insert link]