Faith+Culture Fund

Today, the Catholic faith must interact wholly with changing cultural contexts, learning how the teachings of Christ interrelate to other enriching aspects of their parishioners’ lives.


At Mundelein Seminary, we embrace this interplay between the spiritual and the secular, helping our seminarians develop their own perspectives on guiding the faithful to live contemporary lives. These Faith + Culture projects ($10,000 each) range from courses on how Catholic ideals interact with scientific research, to financial awareness about ethical and measured spending, both in the Church and in our daily lives. In addition, some of the most robust Faith + Culture projects concern the Church’s long-standing and on-going relationship with the arts of painting, music, and literature.


Your support makes it possible for us to continue devoting resources to enriching seminarians’ understanding of these important relationships between faith and culture, making sure that seminarians stay in touch with the lives and needs of their parishioners, and help shape the future of the Catholic Church.



“The people to whom our seminarians will pastor are hugely impacted by elements like the arts and sciences and the economy, through healthcare, the use of technology, social justice, and expressions of beauty and emotion. The Catholic faith has a role to play here, and these are conversations we can and should have in the context of our parishes.”