Summer Scripture Conference 2019

"According to the Scriptures"

Summer Scripture Conference

June 23-28, 2019

“According to the Scriptures: The Relationship between Old and New Testaments”

For this year’s topic, the presenters will be addressing how the Old Testament and New Testament inter-relate. How did Jewish scholars understand the Scriptures prior to the coming of Jesus Christ? How did Jesus refer to and understand the Scriptures in the same way? How did he reveal a new understanding?

See more details including speakers and their titles further below.


The Summer Scripture Conference is best appreciated if you can attend the entire week with overnight stays. The Conference has always mirrored Genesis in that a speaker begins in the evening, then finishes their lectures in the morning. Later in the evening is considered a favorite aspect of the Conference with Evening Prayer followed by the Social where Scripture scholars and attendees mix and mingle to discuss and share all things Scripture and the faith.

Most attendees come for the full week with overnight stays and come from all over the United States. Many locals attend as full conference commuters, enjoying the entire schedule of lectures, meals, prayer and social but going home at night.

Many who are new or who simply cannot attend the full week, can use the Speaker Series option. This option allows them to choose one speaker (3 lectures) with or without an overnight stay. This will include the Social and prayer and a limited number of meals depending on the number of speaker sets chosen.

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The speakers and their titles are:

Mark Smith, MA, MTS, PhD

Sunday, June 23              7:45-9 pm

The Future in Biblical Prophecy from Isaiah to the Dead Sea Scrolls

Monday, June 24              9-10:15 am    and  10:45-12 am

David in the Psalms, Jesus in New Testament Citations of Psalms

The Relationship of Jesus and God the Father through the Lens of Old Testament Prophecy

More on Dr. Mark Smith


Anthony Pagliarini, STM, SSL, PhD

Monday, June 24              7-8:15 pm

Rereading the Law: Ezekiel’s reception of Deuteronomy

Tuesday, June 25              9-10:15 am    and      10:45-12 am

Looking ahead: Ezekiel’s Preparation for its Own Reception

Rereading a Prophet: Revelation’s reception of Ezekiel

More on Dr. Pagliarini


Michael Barber, MA, PhD

Tuesday, June 25               7-8:15 pm

What Kind of Jew Was Paul?

Wednesday, June 26        9-10:15 am   and     10:45-12 am

Christ and the Scriptures of Israel

The Lord’s Supper and the New Covenant

More on Dr. Barber 


Steven C. Smith, MA, PhD

Wednesday, June 26           7-8:15 pm

The Edenic Temple and the “perfecting” of the Creation

Thursday, June 27               9-10:15 am    and      10:45-12 am

The Jubilation of the Christic Priest

Jesus, Qumran, and the Eucharist Feast

More on Dr. Steven Smith 


Malka Z. Simkovich, MA, PhD

Thursday, June 27              7:45-9 pm

Covenant, Election, and Rabbinic Readings of the Hebrew Bible

More on Dr. Simkovich

Lynne Boughton, MA, PhD

Friday, June 28                    9:30-10:45 am

The Mediatorial Messiah: Warrior-Priests, Afterlife and the Closing of Sinai Covenant Revelation in the Books of the Maccabees”

More on Dr. Boughton here:

BA, MA, Fordham University, PhD, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Her research articles on topics in the history of theology the history of liturgy, and biblical translation have been published in Westminster Theological Journal, Church History, Journal of Religion, Divinitas: Commentaries of the Pontifical Academy of Theology, Tyndale Bulletin, Irish Theological Quarterly, The Thomist, Antiphon, Gregorianum, Questions liturgiques, and Revue biblique. She has also served as a reviewer for academic publications. Her areas of specialization include biblical studies, intellectual history, and ethics.

Mary Deeley, MDiv, PhD

Friday, June 28                    11-12:15 am 

So What? Bringing the Whole Bible Back to your Parish and your Life

More on Dr. Deeley


Intended Audience:

Any lover of Sacred Scripture.

Speakers and audience come from anywhere across and even outside the United States. The approximate audience is a blend of ordained priests & deacons, religious brothers or sisters, lay ministers, educators, catechists and those seeking deeper knowledge of Scripture.

The Summer Scripture Conference is the premier continuing education program of the University of Saint Mary of the Lake by the Institute for Ongoing Formation.  Since the early 1970’s, it has enjoyed a loyal commitment on the part of participants.  Ninety percent of our students return each year.

The Summer Scripture Conference has become a community of women and men committed to ministry and learning in the Church.

The Conference was begun and inspired by Vatican II and continues on, anchored by the understanding of Scripture as the soul of theology.

The Summer Scripture Conference is a cooperative venture by the Institute for Ongoing Formation and the Department of Biblical Exegesis and Proclamation of Mundelein Seminary at the University of St. Mary of the Lake.

The outstanding faculty of the program is drawn from the top biblical scholars and theologians in the United States.







Attendee Comments

“Summer Scripture Seminar is the perfect combination of erudition, stimulation, relaxation, pastoral sharing, spiritual renewal, and even physical exercise.  My time at Mundelein is like an Emmaus trek with Jesus, and my heart burns with joy and insight the rest of the year.  Your hospitality invites, your grounds and buildings enchant, your vision inspires. I thank you each year….”     – Fr. John

“I love the conversations at the table and in the living room. The camaraderie is worth the price of admission. The Summer Scripture Seminar presents a week of Biblical experts on a themed topic that year after year exceeds my expectations. It truly gives strength to my faith, food for the soul and a pure and lasting source for my spiritual life.”          – Deacon Bill

“This is an intellectual banquet. The rich ideas are accompanied by the convictions and enthusiasm of the speakers as well.  An indispensable aid to me in refocusing myself and my ministry in rediscovering my rootedness in the revealed Word of God and in opening new perspectives on Scriptures which I have allowed to become stale.”

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All rooms private with private bath (unless coming with chosen roommate)

Rooms are all air-conditioned

Wi Fi is available all over campus

Rooms are furnished with bedding and towels, bar soap.

Rooms do NOT have alarm clocks, televisions or hair dryers

Please park in Purple Lot

Check in at South Residence Hall building 300

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