Turning Capital Expenses into Scholarship Funds with EALgreen

Posted on March 25, 2019

As Mundelein Seminary approaches its 100th anniversary, the cost of maintaining the facilities and equipment necessary for the proper function of the seminary are steep. Fortunately, an innovative non-profit organization called EALgreen is helping Mundelein to find even greater value in making these necessary infrastructure purchases.

EALgreen partners with large corporations to acquire surplus inventory. The organization then provides these donated products to accredited colleges and universities for a nominal handling fee, allowing schools to reallocate funds that would have been spent on pricey facilities management needs toward scholarships for low-income students. Through the cost savings of acquiring these second-hand products, EALgreen allowed Mundelein to provide nearly $130,000 in scholarship money to meet the tuition funding gap for seminarians from mission dioceses in the last year.

One recent example was the procurement of a generator for the campus library building through EALgreen’s services. Since most of Mundelein Seminary’s networking connections are in this building, the need for a generator was crucial to prevent data loss and interruptions due to power outages. By partnering with EALgreen, the seminary was able to fulfill this facilities need in a cost-effective manner, making more funds available to apply to the tuition funding gap.

In addition to the scholarship money, Jim Winn, vice president of operations at Ealgreen, recently stopped by to award Mundelein Seminary with a $75,000 grant, which follows a $5,000 grant contributed by the organization in 2018.

We are so grateful for EALgreen’s partnership in the formation of the next generation of parish priests.