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Gifts at Work


"God continues to bless us with faithful young men who answer the call to join the vocation of the priesthood. We turn to priests during the most significant times of our lives. Mundelein Seminary is “a seedbed” where young men who use their courage and their intelligence live a life of service in Jesus Christ."

Where does my gift go?

When you make a gift to the University of Saint Mary of the Lake/Mundelein Seminary, you’re joining thousands of supporters who help provide the best environment for these young men to strengthen their knowledge and faith as they prepare to spend a lifetime in priestly ministry to serve the faithful here and around the country and the world. A little goes a long way. Last year, more than 20,000 people made a donation to further our Catholic mission, with most donations being less than $50.

By making an annual gift, you support:

• Scholarships to nearly 200 seminarians so that they receive a top graduate theological education and training from a distinguished faculty without incurring any additional debt as they prepare for ordination to the priesthood of Jesus Christ. • Room and board for each seminarian that includes their housing on campus and three meals per day in our refectory dining hall so that they can focus on prayer, reflection and study. • Preservation of our serene campus that was built in 1921 by Cardinal Mundelein and is distinct because of its original American colonial architecture. The 800 acres of wooded forest next to an inland lake provides a peaceful setting for prayer and reflection while enjoying the beauty of God’s creation. • Holy Land Study Pilgrimage for our seminarians in their 3rd year of theology. Spending the academic winter quarter in the Holy Land with faculty members, learning about Jesus while walking in his footsteps – a unique feature of Mundelein Seminary! • The education and formation of young men who will become the next generation of parish priests in the Archdiocese of Chicago and 25 other dioceses throughout the world.

Your support, in any amount, supports our mission. Your annual gifts work in all these arenas, to provide the resources that are needed to meet the rising opportunities and emerging needs of our soon-to-be parish priests.

Thank you on behalf of the many seminarians and faculty members who benefit from your generosity. Your gifts to USML/Mundelein Seminary make an important difference each and every year.

10 Reasons to Give


With your help, lives are changed. Only with your support is Mundelein Seminary able to sustain its graduate school of theology — making it possible for seminarians to discover God’s calling and live their dreams at one of the top seminaries in the country.



Students rely on you. Donations fund tuition, housing and meals for seminarians at Mundelein Seminary. This year, donations accounted for nearly 50% of all student tuition, room and board.



You make possible critical discoveries. Our Feehan Memorial Library, one of the top libraries of the world, and the new McEssy Theological Resource Center together provide more than 180,000 books that allow our faculty and students to delve into the great Catholic tradition of writers like John Henry Newmann and Thomas Aquinas.  Our current faculty members have published dozens of books and articles on the Catholic faith.



Our campus includes other Church leadership training programs. Your generosity provides the maintenance and infrastructure for the Liturgical Institute, as well as the Deacon, Lay Ministry Formation and Hispanic Ministry programs.



You sustain exceptional education. Mundelein Seminary is able to recruit and retain outstanding faculty.  With a faculty-student ratio of 6:1, we allow the personal time needed to bring the best out of each seminarian.



Our community benefits from your generosity. Each year, an average of 40 newly ordained priests are assigned to parishes in the Archdiocese of Chicago, across the country and around the world, providing a new generation of Church leadership.



Mundelein Seminary depends on you. Diocese funding covers only 40% of Mundelein Seminary’s total operating expenses, making private gifts essential to nearly all of the seminary’s activities. Only with your help can we fulfill our mission to educate and form the next generation of parish priests.



With your donation, seminarians are able to walk in the footsteps of Jesus Christ. Each year, our third-year theology seminarians spend an academic quarter studying abroad through our Holy Land Study Pilgrimage. Every seminarian is able to take advantage of this program through private support which completely covers the cost of travel and tuition.



You help build Mundelein Seminary of the future. Private giving has funded most of the campus buildings and the preservation of our historic campus. Donor support also provides the resources for facilities upkeep and the infrastructure to maintain the grounds.



Your gift will have an impact on future generations. When you contribute to Mundelein Seminary, your support will benefit our local and national Church now and well into the future. Since 1921 and for generations to come, your legacy of generosity will live on through the priests ordained each year to serve the faithful in the name of Jesus Christ.

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