Cardinal George’s 5 Tips to Evangelists

by on April 20, 2015

One of Cardinal George’s main concerns was evangelization, and he wanted his priests to be evangelizers. He made it the goal of Mundelein Seminary to prepare priests for the New Evangelization. After all, he was a missionary. Accordingly, Cardinal George was hoping to form a generation of priests who will boldly proclaim the Gospel to the culture in the confidence that while a radical critique of the culture is necessary and immanent there are, nevertheless, seeds of hope already latent in the culture that need nurturing so as to build a civilization of love. In The Difference God Makes, the Cardinal offered some tips for evangelists as they do their work in America. They are the following:

1. Begin, continue, and end with love for the people and their culture.

2. Look for places where significant conversations take place.

3. Enlarge the appreciation of human reason.

4. Strengthen relations that are given rather than chosen.

5. Purify sense of mission.