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Understanding Four Views on the Lord’s Supper

Four different ways Christians understand the Lord’s Supper—Baptist view (memorialism), Reformed (spiritual presence), Lutheran (consubstantiation), and Roman Catholic (transubstantiation)—are fairly represented and debated to provide readers with an opportunity to draw their own conclusion on this important Christian institution.

Who should participate in the Lord’s Supper? How frequently should we observe it? What does this meal mean? What happens when we eat the bread and drink from the cup? What do Christians disagree about and what do they hold in common? These and other questions are explored in this thought-provoking book.

This new volume in the Counterpoints: Church Life series allows four contributors to make a case for the following views:

• Baptist view (memorialism)

• Reformed view (spiritual presence)

• Lutheran view (consubstantiation)

• Roman Catholic view (transubstantiation)

All contributors use Scripture to present their views, and each responds to the others’ essays. This book helps readers arrive at their own conclusions. It includes resources such as a listing of statements on the Lord’s Supper from creeds and confessions, quotations from noted Christians, a resource listing of books on the Lord’s Supper, and discussion questions for each chapter to facilitate small group and classroom use.

English Edition
Zondervan, 2009, 224 pages

Spanish Edition
Vida, 2010, 208 pages