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The Mundelein Psalter

The Church’s prayer must be allowed to speak for itself, to express the joy and grief, the anguish and elation of God’s children across the ages and around the globe.  This volume hopes to offer an opening to the radical beauty of the Judeo-Christian prayer, in an accessible, comprehensive way.

The Mundelein Psalter is the first complete one-volume edition containing the approved English-language texts of the Liturgy of the Hours with psalms that are pointed for the chanting of the Divine Office.  The music consists of simple yet beautiful Gregorian-based modes composed for this Psalter.  The Psalter is designed for use by priests, deacon, religious and laity, making singing the hymns of the Liturgy of the hours easier for all.  The Mundelein Psalter offers communities the opportunity to come together in prayer and celebrate the Divine Office as it was intended, with voices raised.