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A Contemporary Theology of Grace

For many Christians, traditional theology is a rather dull, if not a dead subject. This neither proves that modern people have lost their awareness of God nor their interest in theology; it merely indicates that theologians, by and large, have been speaking in their own tongue to fellow theologians and both what and how they have been saying it seem rather irrelevant to the educated Christian.  This is particularly true of the doctrine of grace, especially when presented in the garb of scholasticism which overemphasizes the rational at the expense of the empirical. This book is a new beginning; it is an invitation to explore and develop new perspectives and to make a focal doctrine more vital and more intelligible to our times. In explaining grace – God’s loving presence and [human] transformation in it – the author displays a profound understanding of the religious moods, culture and needs of our time, as well as an expert knowledge of scriptural, patristic, theological and modern ideas on the subject. Here is a relevant, seminal and eminently readable study for all those interested in a vibrant theology for today and tomorrow.

Wipf and Stock, 2002, 256 pages.