Blessings Begin Here | Support Your Future Parish Priests

Picture your favorite priest. When he was studying at Mundelein Seminary, generous donors made his formation possible. Will you support the formation of the next generation of parish priests?

Over the course of his ministry, one priest can affect thousands of lives.

New believers will be welcomed into the Church through Baptism.

Sins will be absolved in the confessional.

The Eucharist will be received and hearts will be transformed through Holy Mass.

But it all starts at the seminary. Blessings begin here.

Thanks to a generous donor, all gifts will be matched up to $50,000! In this difficult year, your donation is even more vital to the continuation of our mission. Thank you for your generosity and prayers!

Click on the images below to see how Mundelein seminarians and alumni priests are answering the call of the Holy Spirit with your support.

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