Pontifical Faculty of Theology

Welcome to the Pontifical Faculty of Theology

On September 30, 1929, the Sacred Congregation of Seminaries and Universities (now known as the Congregation for Catholic Education) established a Pontifical Faculty of Theology at the University of Saint Mary of the Lake, Mundelein, Illinois. The Faculty was authorized to grant Pontifical degrees initially for a period of five years, and on September 21, 1934, this authorization was made permanent.

The Statutes of the Pontifical Faculty of Theology set forth the governance and policies of the faculty. They were revised in light of the apostolic constitution, Gaudium veritatis, and were approved ad decennium by the Congregation for Catholic Education in 2017.

These pages outline the S.T.B., S.T.L., and S.T.D. programs offered by the Pontifical Faculty.

I would like to thank you for your interest in our programs.

What is an S.T.L Degree?

The Licentiate of Sacred Theology is a research degree. In the civil system, the S.T.L. would be similar to the course work and exams of a Ph.D. program. It is structured around a cycle of four courses that provide in-depth study of the Christian theological tradition from the New Testament to the present. A graduate of the S.T.L. program is equipped to teach theology in a college, seminary, or university, to function as a chaplain to various professional groups, and to act as a theological resource for diocesan agencies.

If you have any questions about the new online STL program, please contact Fr. Brendan.

Fr. Brendan