Doctor of Ministry Program

Doctor of Ministry Program

The Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) program is approved by the Association of Theological Schools.  Mundelein Seminary offers the terminal degree of Doctor of Ministry.  The goal of the program is to develop the skill of transformative ministerial integration and processing through case studies and projects concerned with ministry. In order to achieve this goal, the program interrelates the elements of ministerial integration with formal course work and resource supervision. These three elements are accomplished primarily within the peer group of candidates.


The Doctor of Ministry program is a part-time, residential program that meets three-weeks of the year in January, June and July, for two years;  a total of 6 weeks.   Each week is a 3-credit course framed by pre-reading assignments and a major academic paper following the class.  In addition to the residential intensive courses (Sunday evening to Friday Noon), students fulfill the remaining requirement of 9 credits through three on-line courses from the University of St. Mary of the Lake.  The total number of credits required for the D.Min. is 30 credit hours of which, 3 credits are achieved through the Doctor of Ministry thesis project.


Only those who fulfill the following pre-requisites will be considered for admission:

  • Involvement in at least three years of full-time pastoral ministry or equivalent
  • The M.Div. degree or its equivalent, 63 semester hours in theological disciplines plus 9 hours of supervised ministerial training (e.d. C.P.E., Parish Internship, Ministerial Practicum)
  • Manifest capability for advanced theological and ministerial education
  • Personal capacity for engagement in a peer-group oriented program
  • The potential value of the candidate’s contribution in advancing and improving ministerial life


Post Master Certificate in Pastoral Leadership

The Post-Master Certificate is an advanced credential oriented towards ministerial leadership.  Its purpose is to enhance the practice of ministry for persons who hold a master’s degree and who have engaged in substantial ministerial leadership.  The Post-Master Certificate is appropriate for persons who work as pastors, associate pastors, pastoral associates, directors of religious education and analogous roles, chaplains, college faculty members, and diocesan agency staff.

The Post-Master Certificate at Mundelein Seminary is specialized in pastoral leadership. The course work is drawn from our Doctor of Ministry program.  The overall goal is to enhance the understanding of the nature and practice of ministry, develop competencies in pastoral analysis and ministerial skills, and to integrate these through a practice of ministry in which theological integration is transformative.

The certificate program consists of 18 semester hours of course work drawn from the doctoral courses offered in a two-year cycle.


Admission Requirements are a) full-time employment in some form of Church ministry; b) possess a Master’s degree in theology, pastoral studies or similar field (M.A., MAPS, etc.); c) have completed at least three years of full-time ministry and d) participation in a personal interview.  Applicants should demonstrate intellectual capacity for advanced theological and ministerial education; personal capacity for the group-oriented education that characterizes the program; willingness and availability to make this education a high priority in terms of time and attention; potential value to the life of the church.


The 2019-2020 Doctor of Ministry and Post-Master Certificate programs will begin in January 2020.  The application and recommendation forms can be found below:

 All inquiries should be directed to:

Doctor of Ministry Program
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