Leading American Architecture’s Classical Revival

by on July 9, 2015

Mundelein Seminary’s campus is the jewel in the crown of American classical architecture. This is not a self-professed claim but something a leading architect would support. In the Spring 2015 issue of the City Journal, famed architect and former professor of architecture at Yale, Allan Greenberg, places Mundelein Seminary, especially the McEssy Theological Resource Center, as a leading representative of the revival of the classical architecture movement in America.

Greenberg says that these buildings reembrace the “uniquely American democratic ideals of architecture and urbanism.”He says, “Walking the grounds [of the seminary], one is reminded of Leon Battista Alberti’s definition of architectural beauty as “a reasoned harmony of parts…so that nothing may be added, taken away, or altered but for the worse.” We hope that definition of beauty is reflected in the lives of our seminarians as they conform their lives around Beauty Itself. Cardinal Mundelein thought that a beautiful soul is shaped in beautiful surroundings. You cannot get much better than the architecture at Mundelein. Read the full article here and consider signing up for a free tour of our campus!