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From John, received November 11, 2009:

"My parents were married at Sacred Heart Church in 1952. My mother always shared a story of him that saved my grandfather's life. I know Msgr. Hillenbrand was recognized for his inspirational sermons or his wonderful and beautiful liturgies, but we know him for a different reason. My grandfather was an alcoholic and it was terrible to hear the stories of his abuse and debauchery. My mother shares that my grandfather was in the hospital and I'm sure out of desperation they had tried everything and then called Msgr. Hillenbrand. I can just imagine my grandfather's face as he walked into the hospital room. He asked everyone to leave and give them some privacy, know one ever knew what was said but from that moment on he was sober. In fact he even started having AA meetings in the house. So for my grandmother, her children and my their children's children, we have a lot to be thankful for. God Bless you Monsignor, we miss you!!!"



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