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  • Monsignor Andrew Wadsworth of the International Commission on English in the Liturgy Addresses the Liturgical Institute | 7/23/2014


     On July 16, 2014, the Liturgical Institute welcomed the Executive Director of the International Commission on English in the Liturgy to give an address on the work of ICEL and the status of its many projects. Read more at the Liturgical Institute Facebook page by clicking here

  • Fr. Chris Hellstrom Speaks on Deliverance and Exorcism | 7/1/2014

    Fr. Chris Hellstrom, a priest of the Archdiocese of Denver, spoke at the Liturgical Institute on June 19, 2014 on the topic of deliverance and the Rite of Exorcism. Visit the Liturgical Institute's Facebook page to read more and see photos from the event by clicking here.

  • The Liturgical Institute's 2014 Corpus Christi Procession | 6/30/2014

    The Liturgical Institute celebrated Solemnity Feast of Corpus Christi with a procession through the university's beautiful grounds, stopping for Gospel readings at four station. Read more and see photos on the Liturgical Institute's Facebook entry on the event by clicking here

  • Liturgical Institute Students, Faculty and Staff Serve at Area Soup Kitchen | 6/25/2014

    On June 21st, Liturgical Institute students, faculty and staff purchased, prepared and served dinner at Holy Family Soup Kitchen in Waukegan, Illinois. Nearly 100 meals were served for families and individuals.
    The connection between liturgy and social justice was a central theme of the early 20th-century Liturgical Movement. One day earlier, students in Dr. Denis McNamara’s course on the Liturgical Movement were reading Dorothy Day’s writings on the connection between the sacred Liturgy and love of the poor. The next day they were serving dinner to the poor at Holy Family Soup Kitchen. 

    Here are a few quotes from the namesake of the Institute's publishing imprint and major Liturgical Movement figure, Msgr. Reynold Hillenbrand former Rector of Mundelein Seminary:

    "Liturgy is the corporate prayer of the Church, by which divine life streams from the head to the members. Corporate worship is the great need of our times, the cure of our evils, the rallying point of the spiritual forces of the world."

    "We can’t act with Christ as Mass without translating that act into life through the apostolate."

    "Both liturgy and the events of daily life [are] equally occasions for bearing generous and faithful testimony to the fact that God’s merciful justice finds its scope in human history."


  • Chant Specialist Adam Bartlett Joins Liturgical Institute | 6/5/2014

    The Liturgical Institute happily announces the arrival of Institute alumnus and noted chant specialist Adam Bartlett to join the staff of the Liturgical Institute! He will bring his expertise in music and chant to our programs, beginning by being choirmaster for the 2014 Summer Session. He will also help develop the Institute's sacred music programs, teach the "Music and Liturgy" course for the Institute, oversee the music of the Institute's prayer life, and offer chant workshops on campus and around the country. He will also teach the three course sequence of chant classes for seminarians in Mundelein Seminary.

    As some have heard, Adam's title will be "Assistant Director and Faculty Member" and a few people have asked if this means that the current Assistant Director, Denis McNamara, is leaving the Institute. Nothing could be further from the truth. Dr. McNamara is staying on as always, newly promoted to "Associate Director."

    Welcome Adam!

  • Online Audio Files for the Sacred Triduum | 3/18/2014

    Pray along with the Liturgical Institute from the Mundelein Psalter!

    Want to celebrate Morning and Evening Prayer from the Mundelein Psalter, but need help with the tones and hymns?

    Click here to hear the Mundelein Psalter Triduum online audio files.

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