USML | Mission and Objectives

Pontifical Faculty of Theology

Mission and Objectives

The mission of the Pontifical Faculty of Theology is to foster teaching and research concerning Christian revelation, especially as understood in the Catholic dogmatic and theological tradition. 

As expressed in the Statutes, the objectives of the Pontifical Faculty are: 

  • to study Christian revelation scientifically and in depth, to relate harmoniously to more recent advances of the human sciences, and to present Christian revelation in a suitable way to contemporary people (Sapientia Christiana 2); 

  • to illustrate Catholic doctrine from divine revelation in such a way that students may understand it clearly, see its relevance to their own lives, and learn to communicate it effectively to others (Sapientia Christiana 66); 

  • to make available to candidates for the priesthood and to other qualified persons a graduate course of studies in the sacred scienc-es (Sapientia Christiana 2); 

  • to provide scholarly collaboration with the local and the universal Church, in conjunction with the hierarchy, in the task of evangeliza-tion (Sapientia Christiana 2); 

  • in accordance with the norms of the directory for ecumenism, to pro-mote dialogue with Christians of other traditions, with non-Christians, and with non-believers, in order to seek a clearer under-standing of the spiritual values of other faiths and to promote a great-er degree of Christian unity (Sapientia Christiana 69). 

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