USML | New Book on Mundelein Seminary by Gail Kahover


New Book on Mundelein Seminary by Gail Kahover

New Book on Mundelein Seminary by Gail Kahover


Mundelein Seminary is happy to announce the release of a new book about the seminary written by Gail Kahover. Gail spent much time and effort immersing herself into the history of Mundelein Seminary so as to share it with the wider public.  The grandeur of Mundelein Seminary is beautifully displayed. Here is the publisher's description of the book: 

"Anyone who has driven through central Lake County, Illinois, has likely wandered across the entrance to Mundelein Seminary. The arched gateway is a teaser to the magnificence that lies within. The heavily forested grounds and sparkling lake provide a backdrop to the unique Colonial architecture of the buildings. The seminary was the dream of George William Mundelein, who told reporters as early as 1916 of his plans to build a seminary shortly after he was named archbishop of Chicago. Mundelein’s vision was grand. He wanted a seminary to rival the best in the world, and he wanted it to be truly American. He succeeded. Today, Mundelein Seminary is the largest priesthood preparation program in the country, training priests for Chicago and 31 dioceses around the country and the world."


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