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Mundelein Seminary’s beautiful campus plays an important role in student and visitor experiences, and is itself one of the Seminary’s most important assets.  Furthermore, the campus was the site of a major event in American Catholicism.  The first International Eucharistic Congress hosted in the United States was held in the Archdiocese of Chicago in June of 1926, and on the final day the events were held at Mundelein Seminary. The closing Benediction was given in the Belvidere overlooking Lake Saint Mary.  More than five-hundred thousand people journeyed to the Seminary that day for these ceremonies, and joined in the procession with the Eucharist around the Lake. 

Most of the Seminary’s historic buildings were constructed in the decade from 1920 to 1930.  Properly updated and equipped, the Seminary’s facilities and grounds can continue to serve the needs and lift the spirits of many generations to come.

Benefactors may name capital projects at varying amounts, as determined by the officers of the University in careful consultation with the University architect.


Current Projects and Opportunities:

Refectory Renovation

The Refectory prepares and serves meals to seminarians, faculty, staff, Conference Center guests, and other campus visitors on a daily basis.  It is the site of numerous gatherings throughout the year for lectures, meetings, and special events.  As an example, the Village of Mundelein celebrated their Centennial in 2009 with a reception and dinner held in the Seminary Refectory.  We are seeking to renew the space with the addition of a new entrance that includes more restrooms, a student café and relocate the campus bookstore.  We also plan an expansion of the actual dining room and addition of a private executive dining suite for more intimate dinners. Because of the Refectory’s proximity to the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception, the planned washroom renovations will also provide additional facilities for use by visitors to major events in the Main Chapel, like our Annual Christmas Concert.

Architectural drawing

Floor Plan

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