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Endowed Professorships

The University of Saint Mary of the Lake/Mundelein Seminary’s pursuit of academic excellence ends with our seminarians as beneficiaries—but it begins with our faculty. Nothing is more important to Mundelein Seminary’s prominence among graduate theological seminaries than attracting and supporting professors of distinction.

The prestige and resources associated with an endowed academic chair assist the Seminary in recruiting, maintaining, and promoting the best teacher-scholars for our seminarians. Departmental chair endowments provide funding to support the complex teaching, research, and professional development needs of top faculty in specific departments.

Academic departmental chairs are endowed at $1,500,000.

Professorships will be named at the donor’s behest: for example, the Chester and Margaret Paluch Chair in Theology.

With the consent of the donor, appropriate recognition will be offered, including the etching of the benefactor’s name onto the plaque in the William and Lois McEssy Theological Resource Center, annual reports, and invitations to special recognition events.

Mundelein Seminary will fund ongoing expenses associated with faculty salaries through the following departmental chairs:

• Francis Cardinal George Chair of Faith and Culture

In addition to seminary teaching, research and writing, the Francis Cardinal George Professor has the responsibility for public lecturing and bringing the insights of the Catholic tradition into dialogue with American culture, especially the various  professions. The first Francis Cardinal George Professor of Faith and Culture is Reverend Robert E. Barron. This chair is not yet fully funded.

• Endowed Chair of Scripture

Sacred Scripture is critical for all that the priest does in his priestly ministry. This endowment would enable the seminary to strengthen its biblical training so the seminarian learns that the Bible is not only an historic book to be analyzed but the inspired Word of God present and active in the lives of God’s people. This endowment would support research and teaching in the area of Scripture, which is the soul of all theology.

• Endowed Chair of Preaching

Good preaching is the practice of good theology. Informed by scripture and tradition, the seminarian needs to be trained in the art of making the Word of God present in our world today. This endowment would enable the seminary to continue to prepare seminarians well for preaching the Word of God.

• Endowed Chair of Moral Theology

From business ethics to medical ethics, Moral Theology examines the Church’s teachings and the example of Christ in an effort to prepare the seminarians for ministry in a complex world where God’s people will look to them for guidance. This endowment would enable the seminary to maintain the high caliber of teaching expertise in the area of Moral Theology and ensure future leading lay faculty appointments.

 • Endowed Chair of Spiritual Theology

The study of Spiritual Theology seeks to examine the roots and historical development of the teachings of the Church’s great spiritual leaders. It aims to transform the seminarian’s world view in a way that deepens and defines his relationships with God, neighbors and the world as relationships lived in the Spirit. This endowment would support the faculty and the program necessary for the seminarian’s proper formation in Spiritual Theology.

• Endowed Chair of Liturgy

The Liturgy forms the heart of both priestly ministry and community life. Theological underpinnings are examined; liturgical leadership is fostered; liturgical planning skills are honed; and the rites themselves are practiced under the watchful eyes of the instructors, while instilling an appreciation for the role and importance of music in the celebration of the Mass. This endowment would support the program and personnel necessary to provide a strong liturgical life at the seminary.

• Endowed Chair of Systematic Theology

The study of Systemic Theology provides seminarians with the tools to explain and explore the Catholic Faith both in its historical, philosophical and theological contexts and in dialogue with the contemporary world. This endowment would support the teaching of the many disciplines of the Department of Systematic Theology.

• Endowed Chair of Church History

The study of history is not merely the recognition of particular names or specific dates by seminarians, but the development of a historical consciousness that allows a seminarian to use the lessons of the past in order to understand the present. Our teaching of Church History is focused on Christ as the focal point of history and the promotion of truth. This endowment would support the programs and personnel necessary to provide a rich program in Church History.

To learn more about endowing an academic chair, please contact:

Mark J. Teresi, CFRE
Vice President of Institutional Advancement
(847) 970-4817

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