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Fr. Robert E. Barron

Father Barron teaches in the areas of doctrine of God, political philosophy, Reformation studies and writes on a wide range of topics including Christology, doctrine of God, Eucharist, spirituality, theological method and studies the works of Paul Tillich, George Lindbeck, Thomas Aquinas.  Full Bio


The Priority of Christ addresses the need to transcend the theological style that has dominated Christian thought since the time of Schleiermacher, viz. experiential-expressivism. By this I mean the view that dogma, doctrine, practice, and ritual are but expressions of universal spiritual experiences. Father Barron proposes a reversal according to which interpretive primacy is given to the “densely textured world” opened up by the Biblical revelation.  He proposes a theology were that “densely textured world” shapes experience and not vice versa. This shift is of special importance in regard to Christology, for in the dominant Christologies of the post-conciliar period—Küng's Schillebeeckx's, Rahner's, Haight's, to name just a few—interpretive primacy is clearly given to anthropology and subjective experience. This has led to a serious atenuating of the content of the New Testament revelation.

Brazos Books, 2007


Bridging the Great Divide: Musings of a Post-Liberal, Post-Conservative Evangelical Catholic represents a pivotal moment in the life of the Catholic community. Today’s faithful are searching for an expression of Catholic Christianity that is vibrant, colorful, provocative, counter-cultural, deeply rooted in the tradition, and full of the promise of the Good News. In this timely and prophetic book, Father Robert Barron--himself a member of the younger generation--has minted a new vernacular and blazed a new way that bridges the great divide between liberals and conservatives and gives voice to the concerns of all believers.

Rowman and Littlefield, 2004, 291 pages






































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