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Fr. Peter Damian Akpunonu

Father Akpunonu teaches biblical exegesis with particular emphasis on the Old Testament.  He is an expert on Deutero-Isaiah.  Full Bio


The Vine, Israel and the Church

The vine is one of the blessings of the Promised Land. Since Israel is precious in the eyes of Yahweh, she is also called the vine. But this vine became degenerate in some prophetic and wisdom writings. The metaphor was taken over in the New Testament where the Kingdom of Heaven was compared to the vine but with this marked difference: this vine was to bear lasting fruit. This is so because Jesus is the true vine, and his salvific work is carried on in His Church.

Peter Lang, 2004, 228 pages


The Overture of the Book of Consolations (Isaiah 40:1-11)

An inspiration to writers, musicians, and mystics, The Overture of the Book of Consolations summarizes and highlights all the major themes of Deutero-Isaiah. Its predominant theme is consolation - consolation of Israel after the destruction of Jerusalem and the temple and the depopulation of the kingdom of Judah. The Overture assures Judah that the past is forgiven and Yahweh is ushering in a New Creation, a future more glorious than the Exodus, the march through the desert, where Israel will once again be wedded to her husband: Yahweh, the Holy One of Israel.

Peter Lang, 2004, 116 pages

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