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Dr. Elizabeth Nagel

Dr. Nagel teaches in the are of Old Testament, especially the Pentateuch, prophets and psalms.  She is especially interested in teaching and communicating Sacred Scripture in a way that helps contemporary Christians enter into the biblical text and hear, for themselves God who speaks there.  Full Bio


Be a Blessing: A Spring of Refeshment on the Road of Daily Life

In Be A Blessing: A Spring of Refreshment on the Road of Daily Life,Elizabeth Nagel explores how God works within people to make them a blessing unto themselves and others.  Beginning with an overview of the elements involved in “becoming” a blessing (as found in Genesis 12:1-3), the text tells us that like Abraham we must leave our place of comfort and follow God into unknown territory—both literally and figuratively—without ever really knowing what or where the final destination is.  By following God’s command to be a blessing, our feet are set upon the path of the greatest adventure that a human being can experience, and that makes us participants in God’s great plan to bless all the families of the Earth.  Other chapters build on this themes by dealing with “extravagant forgiveness”, the quality of divine blessing and the fears that prevent us from “being” a blessing.

Paulist Press, 2006

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